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Resiliency Challenge Week #1

Hi Resiliency Challenge Hackers,

For those who are new, welcome to the Resiliency Challenge! For those who have been here, we have some new information below. We are excited to see how you all come together to contribute to projects to help alleviate the many issues that we currently face during this pandemic.

First and foremost please join our Slack channel, all of our updates, other ways to find teammates, mentors and more are located there! Join the Slack Workspace:

The challenges/tracks for our event, alongside other information, can be found here:

Need a teammate? On Slack join #find-teammates in slack or enter #proj and join the channel of the project that you are interested in and find teammates there. Utilize Devpost by navigating to the participant page and indicate whether you are working alone, looking for teammates, or already have a team.

Need help with your project? Join #mentors and post your question in slack!

When it comes time for you to submit, you can do so on our devpost here:

On Slack, please feel free to reach out with any questions to those with “Organizer” in their name!
Let's #hackcovid19, together!


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